Fofix guitar hero 5 theme download

2 Oct

Fofix guitar hero 5 theme

I have seen currently, that all GH5 themes for FoFix are based of the PS2 version. This one is going to be based of the Wii Version. a fairly faithful port of GH3, It includes sound-FX. create by worldrave. you have more themes for Fofix, please reupload here do not forget to give rate/coment. FOFIX themes. thats the link to the official work Guitar hero 5 ยท Discussions.

Guitar Hero On Tour Series, All, Activision; compiled by MrIcePickle, Link Phase Shift Guitar Project 4 (Also for Clone Hero), Expert, Various; organized by . Dragon Theme mod, BlackFate, Link, Family Guy mod Guitar Hero Background Pack, dgrams, Link, with RFMod Guitar Hero III. Guitar Hero World Tour, Metallica, Smash Hits, 5, Van Halen, Warriors of Rock, All, Bluzer, Link WWE Theme Songs Pack, Amazing, Furious G, Link.

rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero & Rock Band (with guitar, bass, To find other themes, go to the forum or create them. Quickstart. 5.