Summit client utility download

2 Oct

Summit client utility

Summit delivers a connection management and monitoring utility called the Summit Client Utility (SCU). SCU allows you to view all radio and security settings. Summit Client Utility (SCU) is an integrated application designed for end users and administrators of ASDs that use a Summit radio module. Using SCU, an end . How to launch the Summit Client Utility Windows Mobile devices (e.g. HC1, WDT60): Tap the Start button (Windows flag logo). On the app.

Summit Client Utility. Administrator Guide. Embedded Wireless Solutions Support Center: Popular Software Tool Upgraded To Include Bluetooth Administration July 16, – Administrators of mobile computers and other. The contents of Summit Client Utility. Summit Client Utility (SCU) Profile Saving · Summit Client Utility (SCU) Summary · Summit WLAN Domain Change.

The Summit client utility (SCU) will be installed with the OS if the PDA is equipped with a Summit WLAN module. Launching SCU. User can launch SCU in 2 or 3. To get back the “Admin Login” button, you need to change the registry on the mobile device. Change the following Registry Value to have Summit Client Utility . Aggressive, which manages roaming behavior when the client This value is displayed on the Status tab of the Summit Client Utility (SCU).