U-boat battle in the mediterranean download

2 Oct

U-boat battle in the mediterranean

The Mediterranean U-boat Campaign lasted from about 21 September to 19 September .. The Second Battle of El Alamein prompted a concentration of U -boats in the western Mediterranean, in anticipation of Allied amphibious invasion. Second Happy Time - Allied invasion of North - After the Italian armistice. art-metal-light.com: U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean - Silent Hunter III Expansion Pack (PC) by Deep Silver: Video Games. 28 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by Lipud For GWX art-metal-light.com For stock SH3 http://www.

U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean is an add-on for Silent Hunter III. It adds more than forty new ships and forty new cities and harbors to the. Hi guys, There will be a new expansion out for this fine game. What do you think of it. Here is the link to it. The first boats to enter the area were the U and U on 26 Sept, Any U-boat that entered the Mediterranean was lost forever to the Battle of the.

SH3 expansion U-Boat Battle in the Mediterranean?? Is it included Getting to be able to patrol in the mediterranean is part of the main game. U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean PC. The second unofficial expansion to Silent Hunter III, the cult-classic WWII submarine simulator. The add-on developed. The simple answer is ''No'' the reason: Supermods are the same as spiderwebs, if you break it by changing files the game will not run properly.