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2 Oct

Ldb viewer

INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS DOCUMENT AND THE LDB VIEWER FORM IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER. LDB Viewer Application replacement. This no longer works in Access Anyone out there have replacement ideas? It was such a handy. LDB Viewer. Hi, Everyone, I downloaded a sample database called appuser that allows you to tell who is logged in to any access database. It's written for.

art-metal-light.com viewer question. I have a module I installed "ShowUsers" which I found on this site, that shows me the computer names of all users that are currently. In pre versions this code used to be known as the famous LDB viewer. For Access I rewrote the code as LDB viewer for Access NOTE: LDB files have the same name as the opened database (art-metal-light.com file) and is located in the same folder. FREE DOWNLOAD. Get File Viewer for Android .

Recently at me place of employment we upgraded to Access from Access I have noticed that now when I use LDBViewer, I can not. Total Access Admin lets you quickly see who is currently logged into your either directly or through linked tables. 2. More results for "Access ldb viewer". Does anybody know where I can find an ldb viewer for 4.x version databases. I have downloaded a viewer, art-metal-light.com but it does not. I did not know where else to post this. We use the art-metal-light.com utility to see which machines are currently using a database. When I click.