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2 Oct

Dsc decoder

DSCdecoder allows you to use your PC and soundcard to decode maritime mobile service messages using the Digital Selective Calling (DSC) system and also. and Safety System's Digital Selective Calling (GMDSS-DSC) is a maritime Yet Another DSC Decoder (YADD), in the list of links to software. DSC Decoder I Features Can use existing or new radio receivers or transceivers Runs under Windows® operating system State of the art DSP signal processors.

YADD stands for "Yet Another DSC Decoder" and is an offshoot of Dirk's equally popular and effective "YAND", a free Navtex decoder. The program will enable the users to decode the maritime mobile service messages by means of the DSC system plus the DGPS and Navtex. The date-of-manufacture of DSC products varies by product type. There are 4 distinct methods used to date-code DSC products. Use the example pictures listed.

Below you will find information and links about DGPS Beacons, DSC Stations, DSC DECODER - DECODING SOFTWARE: This comprehensive decoding. ACARS lets you view GMDSS-DSC transmissions on your iPad, iPhone, Decode GMDSS-DSC Transmissions With Your iPhone and iPad.